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The Grey founded by Christer Hertzberg Haddad, president of Intercoiffure Sweden. Intercoiffure stands for high quality and craftsmanship. Intercoiffure is a leader and trendsetter within the hairdressing industry worldwide. The Grey offers you a professional hairdressing in an exclusive setting where you can experience peace and harmony. Welcome!

Davines was founded by the family Bolatti in Italy and has since 1983 produced and marketed a hair care products for hairdressers and their clients. Davines started as a research laboratory for high-quality hair and beauty products for companies worldwide. After decades of expertise, founded their own line Davines, currently one of the fastest growing brands and is represented in 65 countries. Davines has offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, headquartered in Parma. Davines is divided into two divisions, hair care and skin care [comfort zone]. Davines has the simple, modern, timeless style and design conquered the world and has recruited several of the best in the global professional hair care industry.

For Davines means quality to create the best products with great care and respect for the environment and humans. For this to be possible, a high level of natural ingredients scientifically designed to provide an authentic and innovative feel. A large proportion of the ingredients of Davines products are picked from the garden around the Mediterranean and exudes pure freshness. The products include arugula, carrots, walnuts, tomatoes, grapefruit, olives and chestnuts. Davines works in symbiosis with nature and science, content and style, people and power.


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